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Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Flathead's Dead Zed.

Pops and I got the heads off of the '36 pickup's flatty this afternoon and it wasn't pretty. 

Looks like it will need two cylinders sleeved and at the very least a serious honing, cam grind, and ring n bearing job. We don't have a bore mic, so it could easily need a clean up job and some over-sized pistons. 
All that being said, as long as it's not cracked, the block is worth saving for future use. I was really surprised at how relatively easy the heads came off the block. I'm sure you all might have a horror story about trying to get a set of these off.

So after this discovery, I think I am leaning towards using an early overhead cam Ford v8 260 I have in the garage now. Not sure I am quite ready to take on the financial spoonful required to run a mill of this condition in this project.

Above we have the heads, and it's pretty easy to point out the problem holes... 


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Member Build Update: The 1936 Ford "Red Top Ranch" pick up.

Growing up out here in the country the only place to get gas, a soda, or food without driving 15 miles away was a little roadside cafe and store called Red Top Market. The Red Top name had been in our area for generations. It first started out in the teens as a large cattle ranch and farm that accounted for miles and miles of area. As generations went by the land changed hands and size as it was split up through the natural progression of farm development.

Today it is unfortunately a shell of it's former glory. The market and cafe are still there, but under new ownership by people from foreign lands, it is hardly the clean, friendly place to buy petrol and goods that it was when I was a child.

At one point a few generations back, the ranch and market became the property of one of a neighboring family in our farming community. This was to be the hi light of the market and cafe's existence. 
The owner traveled the world sport fishing and put all of his prize catches mounted on display around the perimeter of the cafe. It was a real spectacle, and many who came to see swore they were fake.
He was also an animal lover who maintained a petting zoo on the location with several exotic animals for the children of weary travelers to enjoy as they gassed up their autos.

Recently while riding around the ranch a good friend of mine, who happened to be a descendant of the aforementioned Cafe/Market and Ranch owner, I stumbled across this 1936 Ford pickup with the faint remains of the Red Top Ranch company logo on it's doors. Although the truck had been sitting pretty much frame on the ground for 40 years, it was very complete and in relatively good shape aside from a few dents, and some rust damage. Just the thought of owning a piece of my local history got my blood pumping and I knew right then that I had to have this truck. After a little back and forth, a deal was struck and the Red Top Ranch truck is now parked on my family farmland.

Today I peeled off the enclosed hood and began making an assessment of the truck's factory flathead V8 mill. In just a couple hours I had all of the spark plugs out, engine accessories removed, all hoses and wiring removed, as well as the intake to get a closer look at the valve train. Since hot rod time, is reserved for after hours on weekdays right now that's as far as I was able to get before the sun went down. As soon as I have a more solid game plan and know what I'm dealing with  I'll be sure to post an update.

Sunday, October 12, 2014


 Check out the virtual flyer below, and also the link to pre register!


Member Build Update: Bob's 1950 Shoebox Ford

Here are some before and after images of the current progress on Bob's project car. There's lots of kustom features and mods, but we'll have to have him tune in and give us all the details at a later date. One thing is for sure, there's a good chop and an even better license plate.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Dust Off The Cobwebs

Well it's been way way too long since this blog got an update. It's time to shift gears from park to drive and keep this thing going. 
There seems to be a lot of action with the club with newer members and more activity from the early guys as well. 
There have been trials and tribulations concerning out annual car show and our poker run. But everyone is pulling together and making the best out of every situation. 
Keep up the good work brothers! Be sure to check in on the blog as I'll be making many more posts moving forward. 

Friday, May 10, 2013


It's Honeymoon time for the newlyweds. Can anyone guess what city they're in?

Sunday, May 5, 2013


Time to get the party started. Good to see some ACES supporting the event.